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How to Select ERP?

ERP Software Selection - How to Select ERP? by Jhon Napier

ERP software system has become indispensable in many organizations in order to outperform in the competitive market, but it cannot create a magic unless it is properly implemented and utilized. Organizational requirements vary and so the ERP features. ERP software selection must be considered seriously based on the financial capacity and requirement of the organization. Organizations should go for ERP implementation for long term prospects and not to achieve short term goals. As ERP implementation involves huge financial investment, the selected ERP software must meet the present and future business requirements. It is tough for the inexperienced to select the right ERP software package at optimum cost from a number of ERP vendors in the market. Latest technological advancements in ERP software have made software selection much more difficult. 

ERP software selection criteria: An in-depth analysis of the business requirements, finances and the quality of in-house staff must be carried out by the organization at the preliminary stage before setting out for software selection. The organization should be able to provide the essential technological infrastructure for ERP implementation.

Product testing: ERP vendors are always ready with different types of ERP packages with varied features with a sole objective of selling the product. The possible buyer should test the ERP product to check the reliable features of that model. Brochures and demos provided by the vendors may not always reveal all the vital points. It is better to test the ERP model in presence of a client who is already using it or the provider can arrange for a suitable testing environment. The bottom line is, be sure of the product before handing out the expenses.

Client references: The ERP vendor will satisfy your queries aptly providing a detailed about the product and its features. It may guarantee you of its services along with alluring proposals. Communicate with few other clients using the product and get a feedback from them. You will get necessary information about the product's service, quality of consultancy and areas of problem.

Future prospect of the product: ERP implementation is based on long term prospects and not on short term goals. Organizations must not concentrate on the present requirements as the requirements and business processes change constantly with the market demand. Therefore, there will always be a demand to adjust to the latest changes through technological modifications. Every ERP system should be customizable to meet the future requirements of the business. The ERP must constitute of promising features to deliver high quality performance as and when needed.

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