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Arm your company to the teeth with our cutting edge Business Management Systems and ERP
to grant yourself the ability to earn more and live the life of your dreams.

NeoNile specializes in ERP development to ease day-to-day operations in all sectors and company sizes, with its flagship software, Cruze. NeoNile established an amazing set of rules for itself to put customers needs first. We, and NeoNile, believe that software should aid businesses and enterprises in daily tasks and operations and we are sure that no software package can accommodate all businesses out of the box. Customization is a company culture at NeoNile. Every customer has its own edition of Cruze.

Moreover, we believe our sales are never closed unless the customer can leverage all possible benefits that Cruze offers. NeoNile will always stand by your side till every employee you have masters his part of Cruze. NeoNile will dispatch its consultants to you no matter where you are located, from Aswan to Alexandria.